Fanny Stark
Polar Music Prize 2012


This year I had the opportunity to work with the Polar Music Prize as a part of their effort
to market the Polar Music Talks & Sessions and create awareness around the brand.

The Polar Music Talks and Sessions is a mix of interviews, discussions and verbal Jam
sessions around the subject ”Power of Music”. We created a web page, made an
ad campaign and arragned a Flash mob. A new vignette for the event was created and a
film for the party to be projected on to the wall and to be used for digital marketing.

I also made the invitations for the Pre-Party and Afterparty with the theme of
kaleidoscope taken from the film. Each of the 40 Laureates got there own pattern.
I have used two of them. We also created a drink for the Pre-Party, the
Polar music Ice.


The Pre-Party Invitation.

Invitation to the Polar Music Prize Afterparty.
in the same style as the Pre-party invitation.
We also created a drink for the Pre-Party, the
Polar music Ice.

Pre-Party at Wall


Polar Music Ice

AD for Polar Music Talks och Polar Music Sessions 2012.
The QR code works and will take you to
were you could read up on Talks & Sessions and apply for a ticket.

AD for Polar Music Prize week 2012.

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