Fanny Stark
Dreamy Oats

Dreamy Oats

Winner of D&AD’s Packaging Design category and awarded a yellow pencil
for our Dreamy Oats.

Our description of our design to the judges
After researching our target audience of women between the ages of 25-35 we
cameto the conclusion that we wanted to make our packaging design inspired
bythe phenomena of shopping.

We don’t believe that woman are so simple, that all they care about is shopping,
but we feel that there is a reason why many do. Why is it that a woman will stop in
front of a shopping window full of beautiful bags, she knows she can’t afford, when
a man will pass one by not looking twice?

There is a reason why women are attracted to beautiful things, She will buy a product
representing who she wants to be, dreaming that that the product will transform her.
For example a woman who wants to live a more healthy life by starting to exercise,
she goes shopping for the perfect outfit thinking that when she looks good she will
enjoy the gym more. The truth is that you get as healthy in your old sweat pants and
T-shirt and the woman knows this, but still she will spend money on this new outfit.

We know that women between the ages of 25-35 wants to be healthy and therefor
eat healthy. They just need that nice outfit to get started. That is why we have made
this packaging design to attract these woman.

We have made four different designs inspired by well known fashion patterns.
We have picked eight patterns known to most woman and made them our own by
cross breading them. Most of the patterns we have chosen are classic patterns
which no one owns, like stripes and dots.

By making the packaging attractive we make women proud to eat it. They want to
show off there new found love of oats, therefor making oats attractive. By choosing
famous patterns that these woman would recognize they are drawn to the yoghurt
and desserts aisle like a shopping window. They can instantly relate to the product
not questioning why. We give them the familiar in a different form.
This was a collaboration with Linn Mork.

Falvors and styles
Pink Rasberry – Chanel + Comes De Garcons
Golden syrup – Prada + Soia Rykiel
Sweet cinnamon – Paul Smith + Burberry
Delicious Apple and Blueberry – Pucci + Misson


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