Fanny Stark
My brother is a fish

”My brother is a fish” is a short animated film about a boy, his brother and the ocean.
The film was my Bachelor thesis at Beckmans college of design.

The film is about how we all deal with grief in different ways and how childish imagination
can turn something terrible into something beautiful. The boy uses his dreams to escape
reality. His thoughts and dreams bring us to the ocean, where whales are singing and his
brother has chosen to live. But not everything is beautiful out there in the blue, and the
problems are closer to shore than we may think.

The Graduation Exhibition at Beckmans College of Design May 2010.

As a part of our graduation project we got to display the result in an exhibition.
Every student got an area of 2×3 meters. In this area we could display our project
in which ever way we wanted. This is how I choose to display mine.
I placed my TV screen lower then usual so that people would have to sit down to see
the film comfortably. It worked out great and the bean bags where never empty.

Insted of handing out business cards I gave away post cards. They were three different
motives from the film. Decorative and functional. I didn’t want people to take something
only to throw it away 5 minutes later. My hopes were that the post cards would be sent
or given away, spreading the word of my film.

Additionally, I created a web page to support my film,

The web site’s address were the only thing written on the back of the post cards.


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